Friday, January 15, 2010

Teaching Teachers

Happy Friday everyone. I hope you had a great week. Here is a quick story with a suggestion afterwards.

A friend stopped by the computer lab today to watch me work with my class as they finished an essay and prepared to use to submit thei work. As I walked through the different aspects of the paper, my friend silently watched from the back of the room. After I walked the kids through all of the steps, I headed to the back to see what was going on.

She said she heard me say I was going to use the website today and wanted to see me use it with the students during her off hour. Her goal for the second semester is to learn and master a new technology. She said learned more by watching a teacher use the program, than she did sitting through a 2 hour training session with 30 other teachers. She then asked if I would be willing tobwqlk her through the process and show her the "bells and whistles" later on.

As teachers, we often talk about how obvious it is that students learn better in smaller class sizes and with one on one instruction. Why should we expect anything less for teachers? If you have time, please reach out and help a fellow teacher master new technology. Helping one teacher learn, could result in helping hundreds of students down the line.