Saturday, January 30, 2010

Caring is Sharing

There have been times when another teacher asked if I could send them an assignment I used last year because they would love to use it for their class. I'm usually a pretty organized person, but sometimes things get moved from one place to another. Slideshare is a great website where you can upload your PowerPoint presentations, word documents and PDFs for other teachers to use when they want them. You can even put certain documents directly on your website if you want your students to have access to the document.

Slideshare is a free website that is quick and easy to use. If you have some older handout that are not on your computer, it's still not a problem. Use one of the new copiers in the building, scan the document, email it to yourself, and then upload it to the site. After you upload a document, you can decide who can view the documents. As more teachers create profiles, we can create a network that will connect all of the teachers in the building across departments. Social Studies could be sharing with English, Science could share with Math and Art could share with...with... well, most department could share documents with each other.

I'm going to start slowly uploading many of my regular use documents and just send the link to all of my department members so they can pick and choose what they want for their class. It would be great if most departments would use this site because it could be a great resource for new teachers in the building. Give Slideshare a shot and see all of the different things you can do. Remember, Sharing is Caring.



  1. This is a great use of Slideshare to share work with colleagues, now if I could just get better about doing it as I create them...I am so behind!

  2. I fell I've done many "how to" mini sessions with teacher about tech, but I either did it from memory or hand written notes. I really need to start doing all tech instruction on PowerPoint to save and share here. Well, live and learn I guess.

  3. Thanks for the link to Slideshare! I'm still experimenting with what the most effective way of sharing resources over long distances is, and I've added it to the list!


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