Friday, February 23, 2024

Motion Comics with @AdobeExpress #AdobeEduCreative #MakerEd

I wanted to share a clip of a video I assembled based on the motion comics my students created. Students used Adobe Express to create all of the images and pages of their comic. We took pictures using a green screen and the students used Express to remove the background and animate them based on their storyboard design they created. Here is an image of one of the pages.

The first graders were able to name their superhero and keep the mask and cape. This was such a fun process and showcased what can be possible using Adobe Express and looking for creative, engaging solutions to traditional curriculum items. In this case, plotting and pacing a story for a younger audience. You can follow more of these types of projects on Instagram, Twitter (X), and TikTok. 

@thenerdyteacher Students in my Innovation and Digital Design Class partnered with 1st grade buddies and used @adobeexpress to turn them into superheroes! Combining green screens with animation features once the background was easily removed, students were able to bring their storyboards to life. Check out my website for more info. #FYP #TeacherFYP #adobe #Education #MakerEd #teachersoftiktok #TeacherTok ♬ Marvel Studios Fanfare - Geek Music

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