Wednesday, April 15, 2020

It's OK That You Don't Feel OK #EdChat

Right now, there are many teachers out there that are not feeling OK with the way things are right now and I want you to know that I am with you and it is OK to not feel OK right now.

Teachers do not want to be at home looking at their students through a computer all day. We want to interact. We want them to socialize. We want to see their smiles in person and laugh when the class needs a good laugh.

Do not let these moments fade from your memory. Life will take time to get back to a better place where we can be in class with students. We need to let ourselves be ok with not being ok right now if we want to get better. Acceptance of the situation is not easy, but we need to accept where we are, how much we have to give, and the quality that is going to be given.

Be OK with trying and failing as you explore education through a new medium. Take your time and embrace where you are with all of this. Practice self care whenever you can and make time to connect with others as much as possible. I have only been able to make it through this nightmare because of my connections with my friends.

We will persevere and come out on the other end ready to connect, teacher, and make a difference lije we did before. It's OK to not feel OK. We will get better.  

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