Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Legends of Learning Brings Game-Based Learning to Students

In my younger days, I really struggled with Math. I remember having a Summer tutor one year to help me with my Math skills. It was awful. Taking away my Summer to work with a stranger to do Math was brutal. However, the one thing that did get me excited to learn Math was a computer game called Math Blaster. I was able to play a game, have fun, and work on my Math skills. I remember playing that game, as well as Where in the World is Carmen Santiago, four hours and hours growing up. Legends of Learning is an amazing website that has many different different games to support STEM and the way it uses gamification to engage learners reminds me of my days playing games and learning Math.

Legends of Learning is a free to join website that gives teachers access to a wide variety of games for students to play. Teachers can choose the games students should play, share the invite code, and then they can track their progress is real time! Each game allows for the teacher to choose how long they want the students to take complete the game and allows for teacher to stop or pause the game at any time. Here are a few shots of the a game and the teacher dashboard.

This was a fun middle school game about the phases of the moon. I had it out after school and a student asked if they could try it out. They had a blast navigating a ship around and answer questions.

Here is where the teacher can decide how long they want the game to run with students and then invite them to the game.

Here is a screenshot of the real-time view of students playing the game. It shows the student's names and where they are in the game. It was great watching the progress of the students and it allowed me to see which students had more difficulty with the content. Without a doubt, my favorite game is Eco Kingdoms. You are in charge of a park and you make decisions that impact the attendance, wildlife, plant life, and your overall budget. My longest attempt had the park running for 31 months until I ran out of money protecting beavers who built a damn. The game was very addicting and I put in over 20 minutes playing.

Gamifying education is not something that is brand new to the edtech space, but it is constantly evolving and I love where Legends of Learning has taken gamification. A wide variety of games for all levels makes this a wonderful tool to add to a classroom. Whether for review or an introduction to a new topic, Legends of Learning is an awesome website that is perfectly designed to support teacher instruction and student learning.

Overall, I really like Legends of Learning and will be working with my Science teachers to weave it into their classrooms. I highly suggest you take the time to sign up and see how Legends of Learning can be part of your classroom.

This is a sponsored post, but that doesn't mean I don't believe that gamification is a great way to engage students. League of Legends is awesome whether this was a sponsored post or not. 

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  1. Nick-

    I have been using Legends of Learning since they released in BETA last year. My students really enjoy the games and have shown improvement in learning after using the games to review concepts. If you teach science it is totally worth checking out.


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