Thursday, May 10, 2018

The #KnightsForge Maker Show Shows of SAM Labs

The third episode of the Knight's Forge Maker Show is up. In this episode, Gabby shares her thoughts on building a car with the SAM Labs Alpha Kit we have in the Knight's Forge.

From my perspective, I love having the SAM Labs Kits in the space because it gives students a chance to connect their creations and control them from their device in a very easy process. Each part of the SAM Labs Kit needs to be charged, so it is important that they get a full charge every few days because kids enjoy using them and I'd hate to have drained parts of the kit. The pieces are easy to connect and the design is simple to build things around. A simple square is easy to work around if building a cardboard housing or designing something on the 3D printer.

Check out the video and please feel free to share, comment, and follow to support the students as they explore the Makerspace and build fun things.

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