Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Knight's Forge Maker Show featuring @3Doodler

Students have published a new video on their YouTube channel, The Knight's Forge Maker Show. These students spent time with the 3Doodler pens for a couple of week and share their thoughts on using them in the makerspace.

From the teacher's perspective, I really like these pens and the entire Edu kit. It comes with example projects and lessons for teachers to explore with their students. A 3D pen can seem a bit crazy to use at first because it does not seem like an easy tool to use. However, my 6th graders were able to pick up the pens, load the filament, and get creating in no time. How easy a tool is to use out of the box is a big deal to me when it comes to finding the right tools for the makerspace and the 3Doodler was super easy for the students to use.

One of the ways that a 3Doodler can be used that the students did not touch on is to fix 3D printed objects that might have broken. Think of it as PLA solder for 3D printed objects. It is a fun lifehack for a makerspace. Check out the 3Doodler site for more examples of projects and the different start packs you might want to explore for your space or home. 

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