Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Knight's Forge Maker Show #MakerEd #Makerspaces

I'm so excited to announce the creation of The Knight's Forge Maker Show! A few students came to me and asked if they could start a show on YouTube to showcase the different things students are creating in the space. I told them they would be 100% in charge of every aspect of the creation of the content, the filming, and editing. They told me it would be no problem and got started storyboarding their first episode.

This is their introduction and they are very proud of it. If you have the time to give it a thumbs up and/or leave a comment on the types of things you would like to see them feature on the show, that would be great. Long term, they really want to do interviews with other makers, students, and inventors. I'm excited about this student created and driven project. For me, it is a wonderful example of the Maker Mentality culture I'm working to establish at my new school.

They are all in 6th grade, so I have them for a few more years. They have already started talking about how they can take on 6th grade interns when they are in 7th grade to show them how things work and have them eventually take over the show when they leave Middle School.

Feel free to share far and wide if you want. 

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  1. very very cool....hi from Niagara Falls Ontario Canada


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