Monday, January 1, 2018

A Year in Making #Make52 Part 2 #MakerEd

2017 has been quite a year in Making for me. The first part of the year had some fun and amazing projects that kept me busy and forced me to learn and grow in different ways. As I continued to think about the idea of Making and what the overall Mentality looks like for me and for a school, I was able to make some fun things and share with my students to show them life long learning. I did not post as mush of my making at the end of the year because I was so busy supporting student making. It was the best reason to fall behind in the posting, but I never fell behind in the making. Here are the shots of my 2nd half of Make 52.

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These projects have been fun and frustrating at times, but they were things I wanted to do and that drive is what had me learning and growing. It is so important that educators who want students to explore and make take the time to do the same. It is a best practice for any teacher to show students the value of doing what they are teaching whenever possible. In the end, I had way more than 52 projects and I can't wait to see the projects I will invest my time and energy in for 2018.

Have a great year everyone and keep making!

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