Monday, August 22, 2016

Make Waves, But Teach People To Surf #EdChat

As the school year starts for teachers and students around the country, new ideas are running through the heads of passionate educators. They have spent the Summer learning new things and they want to share them with their classes. Sometimes, a school is not excited about new ideas or changing the way things have always been done. This can be frustrating to an excited teacher who is looking to change things up to support students in a new way.

Wave makers need to be willing to go the extra step to see the change take place. People do not like waves because they do not know how to handle them. New ideas can be scary and frustrating for those without the skills to traverse them. That is why the wave maker also needs to be the surf instructor.


Providing support to those that are nervous about change is a great way to make sure that those waves are not scary and can actually become fun for everyone. Surfers actually like bigger waves because they know how to handle them. The more experienced the surfer, the bigger the waves they look for when they go out into the water.

The same is true for educators and students. If you want to change things up and make some waves, be prepared to teach the students and staff how to surf so they can have fun with your new ideas. 

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