Sunday, August 21, 2016

Fun With the @HyperDuino Maker Kit #MakerEd

I first saw the Hyperduino kit when I was at ISTE this Summer. I was intrigued by the setup and thought it would be an awesome addition to any Makerspace. I was finally able to get one and I was not disappointed.

Hyperduino is the creation of Roger Wagner as a simple way to create interactive Maker projects. Here is a quick video of a Hyperduino project.

The real beauty of this kit is the Hyperduino Chrome extension. This allows all computer users the ability to use the kit without any issues. It is also much easier to use than the Arduino IDE, so it is perfect for beginners. 

The kit comes with the Hyperduino shield and a Funduino. A Funduino is the same as an Arduino board. All of the wires, LEDs, and parts you might need come with the kit for anybody to create a fun and interactive project. I quickly connected the shield to my Funduino and I connected the wires easily and plugged in the LEDs and push pins. After I connected the battery, I had created a touch sensitive light switch. 

The first think I thought of was the possibility of adding a buzzer to the system so I would have a cool clicker/buzzer/light system for fun quiz games and things like that. I think this is exactly what makes Hyperduino so amazing. 

This kit is what makes Making so awesome. It comes set with ideas for you to create fun and interesting projects, but it sparks the imagination to create something new and meaningful to them. I think this Hyperduino kit would be a perfect addition to any Makerspace and would encourage those of you out there to check it out and see what amazing think you and your students could come up with at school. 

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  1. You're rockin' the LEDs. Can't wait to see what you make next!


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