Monday, May 2, 2016

Learning Fun with @TigglyKids

I was very lucky to run into the awesome people at Tiggly when I was at #ASCD16. I stopped by their booth and was blown away at what I saw. Manipulatives for the iPad to help students learn to count, spell, and create. Here is a video that explains more of what it is.  

Awesome right? Well, videos always make things look pretty cool, so I needed to see how my 5 year old would respond to Tiggly for the iPad. Tiggly sent me their educator kits for Shapes, Math, and Words. Here are some images of what comes with the sets. 

Each Education set comes with 5 student sets for $150.00. Along with the manipulatives, each set comes with a Teacher Handbook, 5 Activity books, and 5 Thinker Journals. 

The Teacher Handbook comes with detailed explanations of the different apps that are included with the purchase of the sets and how they are used. They also have activities that teachers can set up for the students. 

The Activity Books allows students to have fun away from the screen and do some learning on their own. 

The Thinker Journal is a place for young students to draw and share their thoughts. This could be a cool reflection space for students that are using the apps and the Activity Books.

A see these sets being a nice addition to an elementary classroom that has access to iPads so students can have fun on their own and still practice their reading, spelling, and math skills.

You might not want/need an entire 5 student kit for your home, so Tiggly has the individual kits for purchase as well. 

Each kit costs $29.99 and is worth every penny. Please do not take my word for it, trust my son Leo.

Leo was using the pictures he created using the shapes to make his own little story. This is just one short video, but Leo played with this for an hour before moving to another Tiggly app. He loves to create stories and the app was a very fun way to facilitate his story telling.

Here is Leo playing the Chef game for Tiggly. This has to be one of his favorite games on the iPad right now. He uses the manipulatives to count the number of ingredients needed to make a crazy recipe. When it is done, a whacky meal with a zany name is displayed. It gets him laughing every single time. I have had to go into the settings are reset the app so he could redo the recipes almost a dozen times.

Tiggly is an award winning product that can support young learners as they explore shapes, words, and numbers. I personally think it is cool and would be awesome in the classroom. Leo thinks it is "Awesome!" and it is his "favorite app". How can you argue against that testimony. 

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