Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Proud of @GPSouthHS Teachers

Today, students were given their schedule forms to consider classes for the next school year. It seems early, but planning a schedule for 1700 students takes time. As teachers, it is our job to tell the students about the classes available and guide them to the correct choice. It's a fairly simple process, but it is one that could easily be glossed over in favor of instruction.

During my prep period, I had to run around the building for various reasons and I saw something that just made me smile and reinforced my belief that I teach with the best staff in the world. I saw teachers in the hallway and in their classrooms sitting with students and discussing their educational options moving forward. Teachers were giving their students the individual attention they needed to help them make the best choice for the next year. These are classes of close to 30 students at times, so to give the students individual attention can be tough. It did not seem to phase these teachers though. They had their forms our and were ready to have a frank discussion with the students.

I'm sure this happens in other schools, but it was so awesome to see all of these teachers working on the same thing with all of these different students. This personalized  attention is key to helping students achieve the success they are capable. Those small conversations can be a difference maker for our students. I think it is something that we should all try to remember. 

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