Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Try Not To Hide #edchat

One of the things I can be bad at from time to time is vanishing during lunch. I get so overwhelmed with everything at school, I just hide in my room and try and get everything done. That might be fine for a day, but it can be bad for a teacher if it becomes a common occurrence.

Lunch is a great time to connect with colleagues and share how the day has been going. Depending on the grade level you teach and your schedule, you might not have any other time during the school day for adult contact. Lunch offers you a chance to have a grown up conversation. 

Connecting with peers can lower stress levels and remind you that others are dealing with similar issues. Sharing these stories and possible solutions can be good for everyone. 

The next time you find yourself eating your lunch over a student assignment for the 3rd day in a row, break out of your room and join the other teachers to share a laugh or two.

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