Monday, August 17, 2015

Keeping iPads Safe with @GriffinTech Survivor Cases

Keeping your devices safe is something all of us think about as we travel to conferences or move around at work. A bump here or a drop there could be the difference between a scratch and a complete shatter job. There are plenty of cases out there, but over the years, the one case that has always been perfect for my clumsiness has been Griffin's Survivor All-Terrain Cases. I've used a Griffin case on my iPhones for many year and I have not has a single piece of damage on my phones. My phone has be dropped from all manners of heights and slammed against various surfaces without a single crack. It has kept my iPhone safe and I expect nothing less from the iPad version of the Survivor Case.

The instructions for putting the case together around the iPad comes in the box and are easy to follow. There is a hard shell for the back, a rubber exterior that wraps around it, and a clear cover that snaps over the top. These three pieces ensure that the iPad is safe and secure. 

Griffin has tested these cases in crazy conditions and it meets or exceeds Military Standard MIL-STD 810G:

6.6 ft drop onto concrete
7.8" per hour rainstorm
1 hour in a 40mph sandstorm

I really do not hope to face any of these conditions when I'm in the classroom or at home on the couch, but I'm sure it can handle whatever regular life can throw at it. I do have a 4 year old son, so I'm pretty sure that he can give it a run for its money and my iPad will be nice and safe. 

They have cases for other devices as well. Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy S5 can have max protection using Griffin cases. Check out all of the different cases that can be used to protect your device. 

If you are looking for a case to keep your iPad nice and safe this school year, I suggest you take a long look at the Survivor All-Terrain Cases

You can also reach out to Griffin on Facebook and Twitter. 

Twitter: @griffintech

Griffin Technology sent me the cases to check out and review, but that doesn't mean they are not amazing cases!

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