Sunday, March 15, 2015

#NerdyCast S3E2 - @mssackstein Talks Grading #edchat

I'm really excited to share Season 3 Episode 2 of #NerdyCast with you this week. I'm really working hard to get a new episode up for everyone every couple of weeks. There was a great response to the John T Spencer (@SpencerIdeas) podcast, so I wanted to follow up with another thought provoking piece.

+Starr Sackstein joined me to chat about grading. I have to admit, that I was not sold on the idea of throwing out grades when we started the conversation, but Starr really got me thinking about some of my practices and the practices of teachers in general when it comes to grading. In my opinion, that is exactly what a podcast is supposed to do. If you are interested in the idea of tossing out grades and want to hear from a teacher pushing to make this happen, this podcast is for you. You can listen to it below or download it from iTunes. You can also download the Podomatic app from iTunes or Google Play so you can listen directly from the podcasting site.

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