Monday, July 28, 2014

More Learning Spaces Thoughts #NerdySpaces @Bretford

I've been thinking more about my #NerdySpaces I want to create in my classroom and I've been doing some cruising around the Internet and ideas have been been piling up, so I thought I would share them here. I stopped by Bretford this weekend and these are some of things that I found.

Note: These might not be the exact items I try and purchase, they just are giving me ideas for what I would like as a concept.

Desk/Table Top Areas

Bretford Explore 4-Leg Activity Table

I love the idea behind this table because it allows the desks to be moved into groups to create larger tables, but can be used as solo desks for students who want/need to work alone. This would fit nicely with the idea of 20 Time so my students can be in groups most of the week, but can break off into solo spots to work on their project. I'm really looking for something that allows easy mobility. This desk would fit what I was looking for in my room.

Explore 4-Leg Teaming Table

This is one of those "dream big" items. I love the idea of having a few of these around the room so students can work together and present their work to their group easily. I think a a couple of groups could be set up at each table to present their work to the others and get feedback. Using Google Docs or SMART Amp in these groups would be a great way to create a more collaborative environment for the students. I also the love chairs on wheels. That's next. 

Chairs on wheels make perfect sense when you pair them with tables on wheels. The students can easily move around the room and form big groups or small groups. Tables can quickly be moved aside for other projects that require more room. These can be stacked as well, so they can be moved out of the way. They have armless versions as well, but I like resting my arms on chairs, why wouldn't I want students to?

These are just a few of the ideas that have come across my mind as I have been checking out various vendors and the different options they offer. I love the looking at these items for inspiration. They are allowing me to think about my teaching as a whole in a new light. Instead of looking at what it is in my room right now and planning lessons around that space, I'm planning with an empty room in mind and the room will be created by what the lessons will need. That is how it should be. 

I'll keep surfing the web looking for inspiration for my room and I will try and find other items out there that might make my room best for teaching and learning. 


  1. Hi! I've been following your quest for new furniture, and thought you might want to see a post I did a couple of years ago about a 1st grade teacher who re-defined her learning space: Maybe it will give you some ideas!

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  3. We're getting Bretford flip and nest tables and quarter round tables in our library re-design this year - I've seen them in classrooms in my district, and they make spaces much more flexible and collaborative. I'll be posting about it on my blog as the project continues.

  4. Pamela Kennedy @pamelakennedy17 has several posts about her room that you might find helpful.


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