Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"Older" Crowd-Sourced Video Competition, #ScienceFodler via @tomcfad #scichat

Introducing “Older”, a parody of Drake’s “Over”, about science as a process rather than as a body of facts.

If you are a science student of any age, a teacher, a scientist, or a science lover, I want you to submit your visuals for some part of this video. (And if you’re a science teacher, this is a fun end of the year activity for your students).

Please share the song/competition with anyone who may be interested, and tweet about it using #ScienceFolder.

VISUALS: You have lots of creative freedom here. Your visuals can be drawings, animations, stop-motion, shots of you rapping with props, or anything you can dream up. If you’re short on time, you can even just submit a photo of you with your science folder or lab notebook.

LENGTH OF SUBMISSION: If you want to be considered for the grand prize, you need to submit at least one line of the song (for example, you could choose “Teacher talking. Tympanic membrane swayin’” and come up with a visual for that line). You are welcome to submit visuals for multiple lines, for a full verse, a chorus, or for the whole song. If you are working as a class, you can have different students in charge of different lines.

AUDIO: Here is an mp3 of my audio, to use while you are shooting.

LYRICS: Read the lyrics (or annotate them) on rap genius here.

GRAND PRIZE: For the very best submission, I will personally come to the venue of your choosing to perform a full science rap live show. If a school class wins, this could be at your school. If a scientist wins, this could be at your university.

HOW TO SUBMIT: Submit your name, email, video, and consent via this form.
DEADLINE: June 30, 2014 (or if you are a school class, whenever your teacher says).

Can’t wait to see what you all come up with! Feel free to write any questions in the comments section of the video, or of this blog post.

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