Tuesday, October 29, 2013

#20Time Makes a Difference #edchat

I've been wanting to write this post for a while, but I wanted to wait until my students really had a chance to get their hands dirty with their projects. I'm glad that I waited.

As part of their 20 Time Projects, my students need to create a weekly blog post that updates everyone on their progress. They can really write about whatever they want, but it should focus on some aspect of their project. As I was reading these blog posts, I came across a student that "figured out" 20 Time all on their own. Here is a post from Connor M's Blog.


 After much research on my genres of music, I have concluded that I will not be able to accomplish my set goal. My original goal was to learn how to play a set 6 genres of music, and the genres of music that I have chosen to play are not feasible goals within the time period that I have until my presentation. I am a very black and white person, meaning that I look at things in success or failure, which is a character flaw. I have come to realize that in this 20 Time project, I thought I was going to fail once I found out how long it would take to learn these genres of music. I was distraught, because I was called the determinator, meaning that with me determination, I could do anything I wanted, but I ran into my failure. 
     Since I was so devastated, I googled 20 Time. After reading up on it, I had a realization. Learning 6 genres of music was my measurable goal, but it's not the purpose. The purpose of 20 Time is not what I can accomplish and show off how awesome I am, it's about how I got there and what I learned getting to where I finish when I give my presentation. I am going to continue to learn genres of music, but I'm going to let go of my goals  of learning to play Blues Improv and Spanish guitar. These two genres will likely take a decade to learn, and I have 28 or so weeks left. I am too novice of a guitarist to attempt to learn two of the hardest genres of music on the guitar in less than 30 weeks. I am finally going to think "gray", which is a big change for me. I am going to fail at my goal for my project, but I am going to succeed in my purpose. 

I couldn't be happier than I am right now with this project. Connor was able to get exactly what I hoped my students would get and he did it on his own. It supports my idea that kids can learn amazing things if they are just given the chance to explore learning on their own. This post just nails it for me and I had to share it with all of you considering doing 20 Time in your classes this year or next.

I also wanted to share with you all of the blogs my students have created for their project. Below you will find their blogs and their topics. If you have a minute, please read one and share your thoughts with them. It would really get them excited.

1st Hour:

Julia B - Photographs of Detroit

Nina C - Creating an EP
Madelyn F - Vegetarian for a year
Emily F - Designing and selling clothes
Olivia F - Designing t-shirts
Kelsey K - Learning Tae Kwan Doe
Elysse K - Designing t-shirts
David K - Learning to Sail
Sorin K - Documentary on Rowing
Brendan L - Becoming a better artist
Gabriel M - Starting a band
Shannon M - Starting a band
Kyle M - Youtube comedy channel
Jacob M - Creating the perfect swimmer
Grace M - Happy-isms
Alexis M - 5 People Documentary 
Griffin M - 30 Projects in 1
Alexandra N - Advice from Broadway
Debra N - Mural in Detroit
Carolyn P - Learning Polish
Elizabeth R - Life of a South Student
Mary R - Mission Trip
Lauren R - Training for a Marathon
Emma R - Metro Detroit History
Michael R - Relay for Life

2nd Hour:

Alex B - Learning Polish

Brenna B - Fashion App
Alyssa C - Writing Music
Matt C - Writing a Book
Anna C - Knitting Hats for Newborns
Hannah C - Suicide Awareness
Grace C - Exploring Metro Detroit
Donovan D -Writing a Book
Megan G - Making a cookbook
Ryley K - Making t-shirts
Jackie K - Teen Book Reviews
Clare L - Going Vegetarian 
Eva L and Veronica S
Connor M - Learning new music and instruments
Maddie M - Fashion Blog
Gennie M - Learning ASL
Katherine M - Mission Trip to Kilimanjaro 
Will P - Living the Bible
Jacob S - Relay for Life
Lucy S - Photographing Detroit
Bella S - Rowing Documentary 
Abigail W - Creating an EP
Gianna W - Movie Review Website 
Callie Z - Greek Cooking YouTube Channel

3rd Hour:

Benna A - Designing her kitchen

Olivia B - Organizing a 5K
Miranda B - Doing something scary each day. 
Paul B and Reilly P - Designing an App
Elise B - Book for Teens
Emma C - Photo mosaic of South Students
Natalie C - Vegetarian Cookbook
Lillian C - Designing an App
Luke D - Entertainment Website
Maddie D - Book Drives
Natalia E - Adopt a Grandparent
Matthew G - Learning Javascript
Lilly H - Learning Guitar
Parker I - Learning Polish
Ella K - Learning and teaching Yoga
Mary K - Writing a Children's Book
Leonie L - Creating a Waterproof Camera Cover
Jennifer M - Writing a Book
Ben M - Salvaging Furniture
Allison M - Learning ASL
Hailey M - No Processed Food for a Year
Lindsey R -Learning ASL
Max R - Building a Computer
Madeline R - Student Guide to Grosse Pointe South
Spencer R - Spencer's Banjo Adventure
Ethan S - Game Design
Garrett W - Creating a comic book
Evan W - Learning Japanese 

If you have any thoughts or ideas for me, please leave them in the comment or send me a tweet at @TheNerdyTeacher.

Have a great day everyone!


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  1. Have you ever encountered push back from network administrators regarding Blogger? I wanted to have my students blog, but I was told that it's a violation of the Children's Internet Protection Act because of the nature of inappropriate Blogger-based blogs that would be available for students to find. I have them journal right now, but I prefer blogging because of the public nature. I'm looking at using Google Sites, although I don't think the interface is as user-friendly as Blogger.

    Any suggestions would be welcomed!


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