Tuesday, August 27, 2013

20% Time In My Classroom #edchat

I'm really excited to get started with my 20 Time set up in my classroom. I've talked to teachers in my department and many of them said they are going to find a way to use in their class for the second semester. I've used tons of great resources to make this happen and have tweaked things to make it fit my teaching style and my students. My students are Grade 10 Honors English. Here are some of the big bullet points for #GP20Time.

  • Students will have every Friday to work on a project that is new to them and they are passionate about. Only 20 Time work can be done on Fridays. 
  • Students will write a weekly blog post updating the world on how their project is doing. 
  • Students will do a small presentation to the class at the end of the first semester to update the class on their work. 
  • Students will do a final "TED" style talk at the end of the second semester to the class and any others that wish to attend during school. 
  • Some students will be selected by students and staff to present at a "TED" style event after school hours that will be open to the community and streamed live. 
  • (My personal favorite) Failure IS an option. 
These are the rough basics for 20 Time in my classroom. Students will choose a mentor to help guide them through their project, but the vast majority of the work will be up to the students. I'm very excited to see the different types of projects students will come up with and all of the amazing things they will accomplish. 

If you are interested in doing 20 Time in your class, please check out these resources. They were a huge help to me. 

20 Time in Education - Watch the video and check out the site!

I'll be tweeting about my adventures in 20 Time and you can follow them on the hash tag #GP20Time. You can always check my blog for all of the 20 Time goodness by searching the #GP20Time tag on my blog. Thanks for stopping by and please share any experience you have had with 20 Time in the comments below.