Thursday, August 1, 2013

StudyBlue to the rescue! #EduTour

A huge shut out to StudyBlue for hosting our final PitStop in San Francisco. We are going to be in their offices downtown and I can't wait to see where these awesome people work.

StudyBlue is an awesome tool that allows users to create notecards, flashcards and other notes and then share them using social media. The Twitter and Facebook integration is great because it allows for easy sharing for students and that is very important to them.

The other aspect of StudyBlue that is really nice is that it is accessible on the go using mobile devices. Our students are more and more mobile than ever before. They want to access their information when they want wherever they are. StudyBlue makes that possible with their mobile apps across platforms. It doesn't matter if kids are on iDevices or Android, they can share their notes and flashcards with just a couple selections.

I really see this as a big deal for students in my high school who are always getting ready for their big AP exams and other tests. These notes are very helpful to have if they have down time between classes or during lunch. They do not have to run to their locker or worry about losing their notebook because their flashcards and notes are saved in StudyBlue.

I really look forward to exploring this tool more during the school year and will really encourage my students to give it a try in my class and others.

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