Saturday, August 10, 2013

Schools Need More Zach Morris and Less Jessie Spano #NerdyCast

Welcome to the first #NerdyCast. I'm really excited to bring the show back to its roots in being a bit more funny and still about education. For those that have followed the move from iTunes to the other place now here, thanks.

Here are my thoughts on school from the perspective of Zack Morris and Jessie Spano. I wrote a post about it some time back about all of the characters, but this video focuses on these two specfically. Click here to read that older post after the video if you want to see what I think about Kelly, Lisa, Screech and the rest of the SBTB crew.

If you like what you saw, make sure to subscribe to the channel. After 100 subscribers, Tim and I can do live broadcasts on YouTube. We want to do something awesome for the #EduBro Awards and a live show on YouTube is part of the plan. Thanks for watching and I hope you will be back soon. 

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