Monday, May 20, 2013

Safe with Griffin #EdTech

I'm happy to share with all of you a review of some great cases from Griffin. Below you will find my thoughts on some great products Griffin sent to me to review and share with my readers. Here is what I thought.

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Survivor Case for iPad

I've always been curious about the heavy duty iPad cases. I wondered why people would need such protection for their iPads. Were these people using them as frisbees or cutting boards? Then I had a son. Everything made so much sense after that.

For those of you out there with young children and iPads, you know that you do need a military grade  case to keep everything safe. I felt very confident as little Leo ran across the kitchen with the iPad in his tiny hands to show me his new drawing. He dropped, bumped and drooled on the iPad and it was perfectly safe in the Survivor case. I couldn't be happier with the protection my iPad received while in the Survivor case. I do not expect my son to be running around with my iPad all of the time, but I do travel often with my iPad and the TSA can be rough with my bags. I have always been worried about what might happen to my iPad when I do travel. I did not worry one second while using the Survivor case.

Some people might think the $79.99 price tag is a bit steep, but the security of having a safe and secure iPad is worth the price. For people that travel and take their iPad all over with them, this is the perfect case for them. It adds some to the bulk of the iPad, but that is ok because it is going to keep it safe and that is what is most important.

The Survivor Case for the iPad Mini ($59.99) is just as awesome as the full size version and would be perfect for those who travel with their Mini.

For those that will be traveling often with the Survivor case, there is Survisor Harness Kit.

The Survisor Harness Kit is a great way to carry the iPad with you without taking it in and out of a backpack over and over again during a trip. The iPad hangs nicely across the chest and can be used while being worn. I wore it around the classroom one day to see how comfortable and easy to us it was and it was nice. Moving in and around the classroom and the hallways without having to hold the iPad as I needed to do other things was simple. Also, the rain cover was very nice as well as the spot to put a stylus. It has everything I could have needed as I used for the day. It's a nice addition to the Survivor case for those who travel and take their iPad everywhere with them. $49.99

These are two different stylus pens that worked great when I used them in class and at home. The #2 Pencil Stylus looks like a regular pencil and is great to use. Leo loved to use it to draw on the iPad and play his games. I like it because he will learn to use a pen and pencil and holding this stylus will not force him to hold it differently. It fit nicely into the Harness Kit and worked great on the iPad screen. $19.99

The Stylus + Pen was great in the classroom. Despite all of my efforts to be completely paperless, there are some things that still require my signature in real ink. This stylus allows me to just pop the top and sign or write what I need. It was nice to have when I needed it and I keep it in my pocket whenever I walk around with my iPad. $24.99

The last thing I wanted to share was these awesome headphones. What I love about these headphones, besides the adorable design, is the fact that it keeps the sound at 85DB. This is perfect for keeping ears safe from loud music and games. I wish all of my students had these in class. I can often hear their music int he hallways as they pass between classes. These headphones are just the right thing for classrooms. Young students who want to sit quietly and listen to books, work on projects or any other audio required items will love these headphones and parents and teachers will feel good knowing they're not letting the students melt their brains with loud music. For $19.99, these are perfect for anyone with young kids who are worried about their hearing health. 

In a few days, I will be sharing my review of Slim Folio, IntelliCase, SeeSaw, and the Griffin Multidock.

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