Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Safe with Griffin 2 #EdTech

Here are some more great cases for iPads for those looking to keep their iPads safe at home and in the classroom as well as a excellent option for storage and syncing iOS devices.

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Slim Folio

The Slim Folio ($39.99) is the perfect case for those of you looking for a sleek way to protect the iPad. The case folds open nicely and allows you to prop it up so you can type away in your next meeting. It fits nicely in the arm and the iPad slides in and out easily from the case. Nice access to the volume buttons and the camera is not obstructed by the case at all. This case is perfect for the person looking for a more formal iPad case.


The IntelliCase ($59.99) is a great case for those looking for a little more protection for their iPad. The protective polycarbonate shell does a wonderful job keeping both sides of the iPad nice and safe as it travels with you from place to place. The iPad wakes and sleeps on the opening and closing of the front cover. The iPad securely snaps into the case and can easily be removed if needed. There is easy access to all ports and buttons. It kept the slimness of the iPad than many people love in the first place. The IntelliCase is a perfect case for people looking for a slim and protective option for their iPad.

The SeeSaw ($34.99) is such a great case for younger students. It sits perfectly on a desk for students. No worries about students trying to prop up the iPad on their desk and it is safe if bumped around. The handle in the back and the spot for the stylus is perfect for the students who need to move around the room with their iPad. The fun colors and the soft exterior is perfect for students. The case sat nicely on my desk as I used it to read the notes in my Evernote account. The case drew a few odd looks from my students, but high school students are always weirded out by anything new.

Overall, I really liked this case and will be using it in my house with my 2 year old. It is perfect to let him sit comfortably at the table and use the iPad for his learning and silly games. It is one of the best children cases for iPad that I have ever used and strongly recommend it to people looking for an iPad case solution for younger students. 


  1. I personally love Big Grips for younger kids. It still allows for the shape of the iPad but it can allow the iPad to take a tumble (many tumbles). We have used it in classrooms and with special ed students. Before I gave it to my son, I (literally) threw my iPad with the Big Grips case on it. I had seen my boss do this, but I had not done this. It takes a licking and keeps ticking. It just does not protect the glass if they should throw it on to something sharp. (obviously) Amazon sells their products. Sorry, I have no discounts. :-)

    You can buy a stand for it too. I use an old photo frame when he is not using it. The iPad is always in his hands.


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