Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Should I Stay or Should I Go

This past year, I have spent my time teaching American Literature in the morning and teaching teachers technology in the afternoon. I fought hard for this position and I have loved working with teachers across my district. I knew we had amazing teachers in every building, but getting to see them in action, is a very different thing all together.

The downside of all of this is having one foot in the classroom and one foot in the administration building. I strive to be the best at what I do all of the time. It causes more stress than I probably need, but I find it hard not to give my all in something I do. Because of this, I'm running myself ragged. As I constantly reinvent my curriculum to meet the needs of my students and keep content fresh, I find myself playing catchup in the tech job. As I dive into my tech job looking for sites and tools to help teachers and buildings, I find myself playing catch up in the classroom. Trying to be effective in two places might make me slightly less effective in both. Is that possible?

Their have been rumors of my position as a tech guy going away, becoming full time or changing completely. I've suggested there should be a head of the technology arm of the district that is only focused on tech, so that could happen. I have opportunities outside of my district to explore as well. The big question for me is whether I want to leave the classroom or not and if I do, I need to answer the question of "Why".

I love being in the classroom and working with my students. I love the creative element as I plan new lessons and projects. I also wonder if I have done all I can in this world. There are always new projects, but will I ever create another Epic Romeo and Juliet project? Every year there seems to be an additional crazy parent that I, or others in my department, need to deal with that kills the joy of teaching. Is that something I want to keep dealing with year after year? Will being an administrator make me happier?

I have had a chance to work with amazing teachers and develop some forward thinking policy. I have ideas to move my district forward in technology and love presenting at conferences and sharing my ideas. This might be the world I'm best suited for right now, but I still need some time to think.

I would love any thoughts from my PLN you would like to share here on my blog or through email.