Monday, February 27, 2012


I've been scrolling through my Tweeter feed the let few weeks and I have been struck by the number of negative tweets out there. I'm believe there are many things that are going wrong in the world of education and I'm not telling people how I think they should use Twitter, but I thought about trying a week of nothing but positive tweets. I want to only focus on all of the good things that are going on in education in and around me. Sometimes, the only way to show people the good we are doing is to show them. We can point to data, numbers, bar graphs and other things, but first person accounts of the awesomeness in the classroom can be a very powerful thing.

I want to extend a friendly invite to all of my friends out there to join me in a week of positive tweets only. They can be about the cool things going on in your classroom or a friend's classroom. You can send a positive tweet about an app or article that you read that you love and want to share. There are plenty of people out there focusing on the problems of the world, let's take a week to recognize all of the positive things happening. Feel free to use the hash tag, #NothingButPositiveTweetsThisWeek, if you want to help collect the positive messages in one awesome spot for people to read. Thanks!


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  1. Hey John! Thanks for this call to share what is working! I am going to join you this week at the Cooperative Catalyst, and I invite you to share a blog post highlighting what is working too... either as a guest post or we will make you an author and you can just post it me at



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