Thursday, January 26, 2012

now!Board from Learning Resources - A Review #EdChat

Learning Resources is proud to offer the now!Board and they sent me a demo version so I could try it out and share it with all of you.
The whole idea behind the now!Board is to make IWBs portable and I’m happy to say that they have done a great job making that idea a reality. By connecting the camera to the computer and the computer to the projector, any flat surface becomes an IWB. It sounds like this would not be a very good set up in the classroom, but after trying it out, I can say that it works great.
Out of the box, I installed the application from the CD on my Mac (PC compatible as well), connected the camera and calibrated. There is a little red laser that helps you align the camera with the screen to make sure all of the points match up. It took me some time with trial and error to find the right distance and angle for the camera, but I was ready to go in under 20 minutes from start to finish.
I was able to manipulate my desktop with ease using the stylus provided and the pointer (not included in package). Like using any IWB, it takes some time getting used to moving around your projector and having kid learn the same thing. However, the learning curve is worth it as the now! Board allows any classroom to have an IWB.
I see the now! Board fitting perfectly on mobile carts in school districts. Instead of installing pricey boards in all of the rooms in a school building, a teacher could move to any room and create an IWB experience for their students. Here is a video with more information.
At the price of $499.00, it is a great investment for schools or teachers who cannot afford a full IWB setup in their classroom.
The portability, price and especially the ease of use make the now!Board a great option for teachers looking to bring an Interactive experience to their students.
You can find more information on Facebook and their webpage.
now! Board is a great buy and I hope you check it out.


  1. Parents in the past would just wish for safe schools with highly credible teachers to enroll their children in but right now, the learning materials are highly considered. This one is a pretty good investment, I have to say.

  2. Congratulations! Hopefully the pre-college programs have this application to make their learning easier. - Evie Philipp


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