Saturday, January 21, 2012

Adobe Digital School Collection Contest - Vote Now! #EdChat

I was able to narrow the entries down to a top 5 using a random number generator. Feel free to vote as much as you want for your favorite lesson idea. The person with the most votes will receive a copy of Adobe Digital School Collection for their school. Let's look at the contestants. 

1. Midnight Traveller - Using Adobe to create Superheroes to help teach math! Here is a link with even more details. 

2. M. Phillips - Check out how she will use the ADSC to challenge popular myths about what a family looks like. Follow this link for more information. 

3. Steve Issacs - This contest is exciting. Creating original graphics (sprites) in my video game design and development course is an integral part of the process. Teams work together to create video games and I allow students to take different roles (i.e. sound engineer, graphic designer, programmer). Photoshop would greatly enhance the experience for the graphic designers and help my students to create high quality sprites for their games. 

Premier Elements would be a GREAT tool for both my students and myself. I create many video tutorials for my students (and the greater online community) to demonstrate how to use the tools to make video games. Premier would allow me to edit videos and organize them beautifully. For students, they could create videos to serve as 'cut scenes' in their games to help them create a professional looking game.

4. Jeremy M - My class is creating and authoring a lot of original content. The ADSC would provide students another opportunity to learn a different tool in which they could continue to create and share.

Something we have not done, but I would like to do, is to create our own CC photo archive. As part of our discussions on Digital Citizenship, we look at various CC tools that assist us in choosing images (for our work) that provide us with the proper permissions. But we don't always find what we want, and often the content isn't produced from the perspective of an elementary student. We would then use Photoshop and Premiere to create images and short clips of CC content that could then be used by other classrooms and individuals around the world

5. Alice Hartel - I would have my students research animals and then become the animal by inserting their image onto the animals body. Next they would write about their life as the animal in first "animal" person. I would take their pages and bind them into a Classroom Zoo Book. This is an activity that could be expanded to include scientists, inventors, or explorers.

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