Wednesday, November 16, 2011

#SchoolDidAGoodThing - November #ProjectPLN

Happy November everyone!

We are excited to bring you the November Issue of Project PLN because it focuses on stories that will make you feel great about what you do as an educator. We know there are many fantastic stories out there of the good things schools (and teachers) are doing, so we decided to share them with everyone. Let the contributors know what you think about their story and feel free to share your own story on Twitter using the hash tag #SchoolDidAGoodThing.

For the December Issue, we want to do something AWESOME. We want to hear from students from across this country and around the world. Educators, politicians, parents and many more have been telling everyone what schools should look like to best serve students. Well, we had the crazy idea of actually asking the students what they would want their school to look like if they could design it! These can be group projects or a collection of smaller projects. If you send it, we will publish it.

Using this Google Doc, please sign up for the grade level you teach and have your students draw, write, film, animate, etc what they want in their dream school. In all, we would like to have 13 posts representing K-12.

We would love to have all submissions by Monday December 19 so we can put them up for Tuesday December 20th before the Holidays get the best of us.

We will be taking January off to recharge our batteries, but don’t let that keep you from writing! We would love to have people work on submissions for the February Issue which will be the Passion Issue. What are you passionate about and how do you show it in your classroom?

As always, if you ever have questions or ideas, please feel free to contact us at or @ProjectPLN.

Best Wishes,
Nick (@thenderdyteacher) and Kelly (@ktenkely)
Project PLN

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