Monday, November 7, 2011

Luna Interactive Projection Camera

I was able to get my hands on this cool device and I wanted to share it with all of you out there that are looking for a nice document camera for their classroom. Below you will find the specs and product information.



Three technology tools in one, yet so affordable! Easy-to-use digital projection camera is also a web cam and photo/video camera. Great for students’ multimedia projects across the curriculum or whole-class demonstration of manipulatives in action, book pages, science models and more. Document student progress for assessment, then upload files to digital portfolios or share with other educators or parents. Connects via USB port to use with your PC (XP, Vista, Win7) and is compatible with your interactive whiteboard. Boosts students’ 21st-century skills and helps you reach beyond traditional teaching methods.

  • Connects easily to a computer and is compatible with a projector or interactive whiteboard
  • Does not require purchase of batteries
  • Use as a web cam
  • Take photos/videos to download to your computer or upload to your class website or virtual learning network
  • Lets you easily zoom in close
  • Illuminates dark settings or images
  • Requires no replacement lightbulbs
  • Fosters listening and speaking skills
  • Is ideal for assessment
  • Allows for video narration
  • Designed for busy teachers and even young students
  • Transition quickly from projecting one object to another
  • Move with ease — projects from anywhere in your room when connected to your computer! 

  • I was able to have this product installed on my computer at school and I have to say that I loved it. I had a Document Camera (Very expensive and not easy to use) and a separate webcam on my desk as well. My desk was cluttered with cords and devices. What I loved about the Luna is that is allowed me to get rid of some of the clutter. I prefer less mess on my desk and the Luna really helped me in that area.

    The software that came with the Luna was easy to instal and very easy to use. I really mean it was easy. The set up was simple and my computer recognized the camera without a problem. I was able to project a book for my class and I was able to record and play back some annotation.

    I also connected the camera to Skype and everything looked and sounded great. The flexible neck also made it very easy to turn the camera around to see my room. Hearing voices from further back in the room was tough, but bringing students closer is not an issue for my classroom.

    The picture looked great on my screen and I could easily move objects around without much of a delay on the screen. I was very happy with the picture quality.

    The only real issue I had with the Luna is that it is NOT Mac compatible. That makes me sad as a Mac guy. In 2011, most products, especially for schools, should work on dual platforms. For me, it made it impossible for me to take the Luna home (It is very easy to take around because of its compact size.) and work with it for class. That is the one strike against it from my point of view.

    Price: $189.99

    The price is a bit high for a product that does not work across two platforms, but it is still much cheaper than most document camera and webcams combined. If you are a PC school and you have a PC at home, this would be a very handy addition to your classroom.

    Learning Resources sent me a Luna Interactive Projection Camera to be reviewed for this site.

    - @TheNerdyTeacher

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