Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Idea Flight Enterprise App Review

Idea Flight is pretty simple in nature. You have a pilot and you have up to 15 passengers. The pilot is in control of the flight and the passengers are along for the ride. 

I was only able to try this out on 2 iPads, so I'm not sure exactly what it looks like on a full scale 15 passenger trial, but if it is like the 1:1, I will be very pleased.

Break Down:

The pilot uploads a PDF and sends out a passenger invite. The invite can be sent through email to all participants. As long as everyone is in the room and sharing wifi, they will be able to join. The PDF can be taken from iTunes or a public Dropbox folder. (Dropbox account required). From there, the pilot guides the passengers through the presentation.

Don't worry, if there are people in the room that do not have an iPad, the app can be displayed on the projector for all to see.


I like the fact that there is a notes section to the app that allows pilots to read saved notes and passengers to take notes. This little addition makes the app worth in in my opinion. There are plenty of presentation apps out there, but how the information can be shared is important to me and the notes aspect allows for ideas to be typed out and saved for later.


I would love to put this app on a class set of iPads and really give it a test run. I could see a group of students giving presentations in small groups during a class period. Quick presentations on various topics and then rotating. With each group being a pilot then a passenger. It could be a very exciting presentation style to work with students.

Currently, a pilot can only present to 15 passengers. It seems like they are trying to fix that issue. For a class set of iPads, it would require the teacher to be in charge of at least 2 (possibly 3) iPads to make sure that everyone is able to see the presentation on their screen. This is something that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later if Idea Flight has a chance to make a leap into the classroom. As it stands, it is the biggest fault to the app in the education world.

Price: The $9.99 price tag is a bit steep, especially if you wanted to place this on a class set of iPads. I know bulk pricing will cut the price down, but for 30 iPads, it will be a nice chunk of change. Now, the alternative would be a couple Pilot apps and the rest of the students could be passengers. With some creative planning, this could work well in the classroom.

The site says that there will be more in app upgrades in the future. That sounds like more money for more features in the future.

I would recommend that a teacher, who is big into presentations in PDF format, give this app a try on a limited basis to see how the students interact with it. If the students like the ability to have the presentation at their fingertips, then purchasing more Pilot apps might be the next step.

I look forward to see what additional add-ons Idea Flight Enterprise is going to bring in the future. They might make the difference from a suggest to a must have.

Full Disclosure: I was given a copy of Idea Flight Enterprise for the purpose of a review.

- @TheNerdyTeacher

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