Friday, April 1, 2011

Epic Romeo and Juliet Project: Update 8

Subtitled: No Joke Here

I read this on one of my student's blogs.

"The overall expirience I've had has been amazing. I never knew that I could be an actor, let alone I had never had tried to be one. Acting in the play has also been a great way for me to become more comfortable in public speaking. Public speaking is something that I will have to do my entire life, acting in Romeo and Juliet has made me actually like being the center of attention."

Makes the project worth it for me.


  1. Fabulous! I think everyone should have the opportunity to be on the stage! Kudos to you for providing your students this amazing and life altering opportunity!

  2. Impressive! I feel that being in a play is something that becomes not only a great memory but for some their 'defining moments'.

    I have been doing Shakespeare with my 4th graders for over 15 years and many students come back saying it was what they remember most about 4th grade. Some go even further by reciting their lines!

    Gotta love the theater!


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