Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project PLN: The January Issue

Here is the January issue of #ProjectPLN. We wanted to know what everyone was going to do in the new year and you did not let us down. We had many great submissions and we are excited to share this great issue with our PLN.

Goals for the New Year

Our February issue is going to focus on passion. What are you most passionate about? What keeps you going during the school year? Please share all of your great stories with us and the rest of the PLN. Please contact us @ProjectPLN and ProjectPLN10@gmail.com

Keep Teaching,

Nick and Kelly

1 comment:

  1. Right now I am passionate about Michigan getting 18,000 cans of soup donated to food shelters.

    Chunky Campbell Soup is hosting a “Click for Cans” challenge. Team with the most votes gets the soup donated to the hometown food shelters. We have already won 1,000 cans. We are in playoff’s we have until Monday 17th at midnight to beat Green Bay – we need 10,000 people to vote daily for Detroit – it can be done! If we win, we get 12,000 cans of soup. Then we compete next week for an additional 5,000 cans.

    Please vote often and pass the word - http://www.chunky.com/ClickForCansMatchups.aspx


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