Sunday, December 5, 2010

#EdcampNYC Thoughts

This was my second edcamp and it was amazing. There is something about getting together with like minded people that is very empowering. I got to meet many great Twitter friends face to face and they were just as awesome in person as they are over Tweetdeck. We had amazing conversations about all the different aspects of education. It was nice to see that no matter where in the counry you are, there are similar problems.

Some might say that edcamps are just gatherings of like minded teachers preaching to the choir. Those people should have stopped by @dancallahan's Things that Suck session. There was great debate regarding traditional school days, The Department of Education, Homework and a host of other topics. It really showed that we are all not on the same page but it's great to see the conversation. It forces educators to think and share those ideas when they go back to their home district.

The traditional conference forces people to sit in a room and listen to someone who may or may not have an opinion you agree with. edcamps really allow the participants to get involved with the discussion and play a part in the learning. If you have not attended an edcamp, what are you waiting for?

Thanks again to everyone involved in putting together edcampNYC. It was an amazing event and it was worth the trip from Detroit.


  1. Thank you for making the trip. Good luck with EdCamp Detroit!

  2. Wish I could have been there enjoying the company of all you fabulous people.

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