Friday, August 12, 2011

Easi-Speak Digital Microphone

I was able to get my hands on the Easi-Speak Digital Microphone and I played with it for a while to see what it can do.
The microphone is very simple to use and has everything a teacher and student could need for recording short messages. It has a record button and a pause/play button. It allows the user to skip ahead of recorded tracks to find the one they are looking for. It has volume buttons and the standard on and off button. One of my favorite parts is the the string attached to the cap that conceals the USB drive when not in use. If this cord was not attached, I know this cap would be missing in 24 hours once the students got to it. 

The device fits nicely in the hand and is point and click ready to record. Once the recording is done, it can be plugged into a computer and the files are easy to pull off. I did a couple of quick recordings and found them on my computer once I connected the microphone. Another neat feature is the ability to add recordings to the microphone from the computer. I could record something from my home computer and upload it to the microphone for students to listen to. Its a nice touch to a nice piece of equipment.

The Easi-Speak also comes with Audacity for the user to download. Audacity is a nice tool to use when editing the recordings for the various projects the students and teacher are working on.

For me, I see this device being very helpful with my journalism students working on our digital newspaper, The Tower Pulse. Students could record interviews and conversations to be uploaded to the site or use as they write their articles. Students are sometimes so rushed to get accurate quotes, they might miss something else. This will allow them to focus on the interview. 

Another fun use of microphone could be story telling. Students could add sentences to a story and pass the microphone around to hear what everyone said and add their part. This would be a great way to get students collaborating on a story and end up with something funny to share with everyone. 

I could also see this microphone coming along on field trips so students can share their thoughts on the things they are seeing. This is a great way to keep students engaged and it will great something that can be shared to parents and the rest of the class.


The Easi-Speak is priced at $69.99. That might seem a little steep, but the application possibilities are endless when it comes to this microphone. Students can record themselves anywhere they are for varied projects. While this microphone might lend it self to the lower grades more readily, I think it could prove valuable in the upper grades for a creative teacher. I would recommend that teachers in my district consider purchasing some of these with lessons in mind.

I have an extra Easi-Speak Digital Microphone available to one of my lucky readers. In the comment portion, please share with everyone one way you would use the microphone in your classroom and I will choose a winner at random.

Full Disclosure: Learning Resources sent me the product for the purpose of a review.