Thursday, October 12, 2023

Draw and Translate on @AdobeExpress! #AdobeEduCreative @RebeccaLouHare

I wanted to share this quickly before I head out for the weekend. Adobe Express has introduced a DRAWING feature! Teachers and students have been asking for this for a very long time. The possibilities are endless and I can't wait to see what students and teachers create using tablets/touchscreens to draw. Adding drawing simply increases the creative abilities of students and teachers. It is very straightforward to use and will provide lots of different ideas. Here are a few quick screenshots I tool 

You can find the Drawing option under the Education and Suggested tap on the homepage. You have the option to create from Scratch or use a template. Here is what I was able to whip up quickly. 

Look out Picasso! You can change colors, styles of brush, thickness of the lines, etc. This is exactly what I was hoping it was going to be and could not be happier. They also have decorative brushes! Look at the bats I created. You increase the size on the left and you can have all types of fun creations with the simple swipe across the page with the mouse. 

I am super excited about this new feature and I hope everyone that loves Adobe Express takes a moment to try it out and share their thoughts. 

Quick addition because I just saw this as I was about to post. You can translate into different languages. Entire documents! What?! Check this out!

These are a couple of amazing features that are going to increase the creativity across the board for even more students and teachers. Check it out and share with your teacher friends!

Hugs and High Fives, 


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