Tuesday, May 9, 2023

4 Fun and Creative Ways Adobe Express Can Support Neurodivergent Students #AdobeEduCreative @RebeccaLouHare

I wanted to share with you some fantastic ways to engage and support neurodivergent students in your classroom. Before we dive into the awesome ideas, let's first understand what it means to be neurodivergent.

Neurodivergence refers to the natural variations in human brain function and processing. Students who are neurodivergent often have diagnoses such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia, or other learning differences. Traditional assessments can be challenging for these students as they may struggle with processing information, organizing thoughts, or focusing their attention. So how can we, as educators, create a more inclusive and engaging assessment experience for these students? Enter Adobe Express!

Adobe Express is a versatile suite of creative tools that can help make learning more accessible and enjoyable for students with various learning needs. Here are four fun and creative ways Adobe Express can support neurodivergent students across different curricular areas and assessments:

Science: Comic Strip Lab Reports

Who says lab reports have to be boring and text-heavy? With Adobe Spark Post, students can create visually engaging comic strips to illustrate their scientific findings. By using images, symbols, and minimal text, neurodivergent students can better express their understanding of the scientific concepts without getting bogged down by the traditional written format.

Social Studies: Interactive Timelines

Assessing a student's understanding of historical events can be more than just a written test. Adobe Spark Video allows students to create interactive timelines that combine visuals, audio, and text to showcase their comprehension of the subject matter. Neurodivergent students can benefit from this multi-modal approach, as it allows them to process the information in a way that suits their individual learning style.

Language Arts: Creative Book Trailers

Reading comprehension and analysis are essential skills in language arts. Instead of the typical written book report, encourage your students to create a captivating book trailer using Adobe Spark Video. By combining images, music, and voiceovers, students can showcase their understanding of the book's themes, characters, and plot while also honing their storytelling skills. This approach is particularly helpful for neurodivergent students who may struggle with organizing and expressing their thoughts in writing.

Math: Visual Problem Solving

For some neurodivergent students, traditional math assessments can be overwhelming. Why not make math more accessible by incorporating visual problem-solving? With Adobe Spark Post, students can create graphics that illustrate their thought process when solving a math problem. By breaking down the problem into visual steps, students can better understand and communicate their mathematical reasoning.

So there you have it, four fun and creative ways to use Adobe Express to support neurodivergent students in grades 6-12. By implementing these ideas, we can make assessments more engaging and accessible for all students, fostering a more inclusive learning environment.

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