Thursday, April 20, 2023

Enhance Science Education with Generation Genius Science Kits #ad

Generation Genius Science Kits are a highly effective tool for supporting children interested in Science. These science kits come with a wide range of activities and experiments that cater to specific topics such as electricity, the human body, ecosystems, and more.

What makes these kits stand out is their excellent alignment with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), which makes them ideal for use in classrooms, especially for parents who want to ensure that they're providing their children with the most relevant and up-to-date science education possible.

I was able to explore Kit 5 and it had three experiments that were very fun to play with at home. I was able to write a secret message, extract iron from cereal, and create a Sodium Acetate crystal tower! Everything I needed to create the experiments were wonderfully packaged and ready to use. Safety glasses and gloves were provided as well. Safety first! What really made the whole thing work for me was the fact that I was not stuck following paper directions. I was able to watch a video, hosted by Dr. Jeff, that walked me through each part of the experiment. It had an auto-pause feature so the video would stop after each step and ask if I was ready for the next step. I did these with my son and he thought these were cool. Lots of questions about what was happening and why. He dove into the computer to find more information and that is what you hope a Science experiment does for a child. 

Yes, I'm rocking out to NSYNC. :-)

I was very impressed by how nicely everything worked and the quality of materials that was provided. Sometimes monthly kits can cut corners to save on costs, but that is not the case here. All of the materials look like they come straight from a science lab and to your doorstep. Everything was labeled and great care was given to making sure everything is easy to unpack and use. This takes the old school chemistry set to the next level! 

Generation Genius Science Kits are an excellent investment for parents looking for an interactive, engaging, and educational tool for teaching science to their children. With the NGSS alignment, the affordability, and the range of topics, these kits are a must-have for any home that values science education.

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