Thursday, February 2, 2023

Student Podcasting with @Soundtrap #MakerEd #PBL #ELA

6th grade students had the opportunity to create their own short podcast episode to share their thoughts on a book they think other should read. These book talks are around 2 minutes long and allowed students to create some intro music using Soundtrap tools. You can find the Podcast, Stevens 6th Grade Ideas, on Spotify

The students set up their Soundtrap account, chose a book they liked from this year and had to record two versions of their Book Talk. The first version was an off the cuff take. They just needed to talk about the book and cover a few common points. The second version required the students to create a script to guide their Book Talk. Once they had both recorded, they were able to choose which one sounded better to them. From there, they created some intro and outro music and let their teacher know they were done. Stevens listened to the podcast episodes and uploaded each one to Anchor which pushes the podcast to Spotify. The lesson took three 70 minute blocks to complete. The first block was a short assignment with Soundtrap that had students create a ringtone so they could get used to the program before embarking on their podcasting adventure. 

Here are a few of the book talks you can listen to from my page, but I encourage you to head over to Spotify and listen to many of them and share them with your students if they are looking for new books to read. 


Thanks for listening and sharing. The students are very excited to share their thoughts with the world. 

Hugs and High Fives, 



  1. Hi Nick,
    This seems like a very engaging lesson. I think my 8th graders would really enjoy it! I like that you have them do an "off the cuff" take first to get familiar with what they're doing. I am curious, how did they create their intro and outro music?

    1. Thanks for the comment! The intro and outro music is created using Soundtrap. They have a lesson that teaches students how to make ringtones and it is a good introduction on using their libraries to create music. I hope this helps and thanks for reading!


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