Monday, August 12, 2019

Back to School Blues #EdChat

I wanted to take a moment and let the teachers of the world that are feeling guilty about the small amount of dread they are feeling about going back to school know that it is ok to have that feeling and you should NOT feel guilty about it. 

This does not make you a bad teacher or a horrible person. It does not mean you are ready to leave the classroom and retire. It means you love spending time with your family. You love having the time to take care of yourself and spend time on things you love. As teachers, we do not get this time throughout the year and we relish the time we get in the Summer. 

That small twinge you feel in your gut doesn't mean you hate your students, it means you love your family. Do not let reading tweets about how everyone is so excited about be back to school and how they can't wait to dive in and make the most amazing bulletin boards. It's cook if that is what they are excited about for the new year. Take your time and get in the zone in the way that works for you. 

I'm excited and nervous to start the school year. New students and new responsibilities await me and that can make my butterflies flutter in the belly. One thing that makes dealing with these bits of anxiety is my crew of friends that I can text or call to help me talk through the feelings. I suggest you do the same if you can. 

I know once the school year starts, you will be happy to be there and the students will love seeing your smiling face as they walk into the classroom on the first day. Don't let the small feeling of tread overtake your overall amazingness. You got this. 

Let's make 2019-2020 amazing for all of our students and ourselves. 

Hugs and High-fives,


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