Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Failing in Public #MakerEd

This weekend was a big day for me. I had a very epic failure building a PiGRRL 2. I was very excited as I worked on the project because it is always fun to build something and I had pieced together all of the components. I shared my excitement on Instagram.

All I had to do was assemble the case and it was ready to go. Well, that did not happen. As I tried to screw the case together, the battery shifted and I was actually screwing into the Lithium Ion Battery. That is not a good thing. Here is the end result.

I shared this with the my students and one student said, "Aren't you embarrassed?"

It was a funny statement to me because I've shared my wins and loses on social media for a number of years. For my students, they are used to sharing only the positive aspects of their life on Instagram or SnapChat. The idea of sharing a complete epic failure is a little foreign to them.

For Makers, showing others the success can be fun, but the failures can inspire. Too many people watch something being made and shared and think they can't do it. I was one of those people. Perfect projects can scare off potential Makers. This could be adults or children. Sharing our failures is key in advancing the overarching idea that Making is about Success and Failure. We learn from our Failures. We grow from our Failures. It's good to remind others of this.

Have fun Making and Failing everyone!

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