Thursday, December 22, 2016

In Defense of the Holiday Party #EdChat

Over the past couple of weeks, I've seen a few tweets and posts about alternatives to the classroom party before going on Holiday Break. There were some nice suggestions about making the day about learning and growth, but isn't that what every other day has been about up to that point? 

I look at a Holiday Party as a chance to relax and celebrate the longest stretch of the year without a significant break. It is a great time to recognize the accomplishments and celebrate the school year. Having some food and drinks while music plays and students get to relax and just connect with their peers. 

At my school, students have 7 classes a day and can be hit pretty hard with the level of work and exams the last week before break. Having a day to look forward to that allows them to just take a breath after a long stretch is a nice thing to give to students. School can be about fun and play and connections for one day of the year. 

For next year, think of the Holiday Party as a chance to celebrate your students and the work they have done, instead of a "waste of time" or "loss of learning". 

Have a great Holiday Season everyone!

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