Monday, November 28, 2016

What Teachers Can Do #EdChat

President-Elect Trump has nomintate Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. This has angered teachers because of her complete lack of experience in education. She was never a teacher and does not have any type of degree in education. However, that is nothing new. We have had people in this position that have never had educational experience. President Clinton and President GW Bush appointed people without ed backgrounds. This is problematic. There are things Teachers can do to address this.

Contact your Senators and let them know that you have a major problem with someone who advocates taking money away from public schools and sending it to charter schools will little or no track record of success. You can find your Senators by clicking this link. Call and leave a message. Get your friends and family to call and leave a message. Emails can be deleted. Tying up phone lines for hours at a time to hear how upset people are going to be is how you get the attention of those in power. Let them know how this will impact your vote in coming elections.

In the classroom, we will continue to do more with less. This is nothing new for many of us. We have seen budgets cut and have still done our very best to provide the best education possible for our students. We need to make sure that we offer a safe environment for all students and all of the tools possible to prepare them for the world ahead. We need to teach them all of the things that a bubble test can never assess, but still prepare them to fill in ovals while speaking out about this dreadful over-testing practice seen in out schools today.

We still have a voice if we choose to you it. I encourage you to use yours to let your Senators hear what is truly important in education and to let students know that you will always be there to support them.

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  1. Thanks Nick. Teachers need to share their voice. Winter is coming we need to be prepared. Here is my recent post concerning President Elect Trump's SOE nomination:

  2. As a former Michigan teacher, I know she is not going to positively contribute to our work.
    Here is the link I am shring with my friends:


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