Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Getting STEAMy with @littleBits Student STEAM Set

I've always been fascinated by littleBits.  They seemed like such a simple way to make really interesting things for people who do not know where to start. I know that these are supposed to be for kids, but you can do some very cool things with them no matter what your age is. I was able to get a Student STEAM Set and I was very excited to see what I could do. The true test was to see what my son Leo would think of the set. He is a pretty bright kid and I wondered what he would be able to create.

I wasn't sure what Leo would want to do first, but when I showed him the Teacher Guide with all of the lessons, he stopped at the throwing arm. The guide was perfect at explaining everything that was needed and how to assemble the bits. I wish I had pictures to share, but we were having so much fun, I did not have time to get any. Leo was also quick to take it all apart and try to make something different. I decided to let him play around with them for a bit without any directions. Within 20 minutes or so, he had created his own push button flashlight.

The littleBits crew even liked the photo and left a comment. When I showed that to Leo he was so pumped. The idea of sharing creations is something that appeals to children and adults alike. Again, Leo was ready to take it apart and try to build something new. His goal was to use the fan. After some tinkering, we were able to put together thermostat and fan combo.

The really cool thing about this set is that there are so many different possibilities. The set can have 4 different students working with it and creating different projects or working together in groups to build something even bigger. The free play aspect is what really draws me in. Just giving Leo the bits and watching him create something on his own is what Making is all about and the littleBits STEAM Student Set is perfect at giving him the freedom to explore and create in a very easy way.

I see this kit as a wonderful addition to any Makerspace or home that is looking for a great way to get kids working together and allowing them to stretch their creative muscles.


The Teacher Manual is amazing. Wonderful detailed and walks the user through the construction of the bits and the reasons why they work.

So many bits! There are so many bits that allow the users so many different options to create fun new projects.

Easy to use for all ages. Leo is only 4.5 and he was able to take these bits and create something awesome in under 20 minutes.

Like all of the sets, the STEAM Student Set is easy to expand by buying more bits. The possibilities are endless when you add even more bits to the creative process.

There are plenty of resources online that are worth exploring as well. So many cool projects have been created and uploaded.

There's an app! The app allows you access to cool projects and it gives you the ability to upload your own projects as well.

Bottom Line:

I love this littleBits Student STEAM Set and I can't wait to add more bits in the coming months and watch as Leo creates amazing new projects. 

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