Tuesday, July 14, 2015

#semicolonEDU Reflections

I wanted to share some thoughts on #semicolonEDU as the day draws to a close.

I'm so moved at how many people from all over the world took the time to share their semicolon and their story. Countless people tweeted support for those that had the courage to share their stories. Some shared their story for the firs time because they finally felt there was a safe place to do it. I tried to stay away from the feed because I knew I could not handle it emotionally. All of these people in support of something I posted about a few days ago. All of these people, strangers to many, were ready to stand side by side with other strangers and support them as they came into the sunlight after hiding in the darkness. The Internet can be a dark place and the media loves to write about that aspect of it time and time again. However, on this day, people showed the true power of being connected and using the Internet to bring people closer together.

Many people have expressed their thanks to me and to Joe for helping start this conversation, but in all honesty, this conversation was led by all of you. You were ready to have this conversation and we just provided a tiny spark in sharing our stories. I hope that this little spark turns into a bright flame that can guide people out of their self-imposed exile where they hide their battle. I want this to be the start of a conversation, not the end. By taking #semicolonEDU and spreading it around the globe today, you have made that possible.

My last thought to all of you out there is remember this,  for as many people out there shared there story, there are thousands that have not. Remember this and strive to create an environment that everyone feels welcome to share their story. Help erase the stigma.

Here is a Storify I created to capture what has been tweeted and shared on Instagram over the last 14 hours or so. I know there will be more, but I wanted to grab a snapshot of this amazing hashtag.

Hugs and High Fives,


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