Thursday, June 4, 2015

Why TEDx Matters

On Saturday, 17 students from Grosse Pointe South High School are going to get up on stage in front of 100 members of the community and hundreds more on the livestream to share something that matters to them. 

TEDxGrossePointeSouthHS is one of hundreds of TEDx events that take place all over the world. Most people have seen the Talks that feature celebrities sharing interesting stories and the ones that go viral around the world. That can be great, but that is not what TEDx is about. 

TEDx gives all people an equal chance to be heard. Everyone has a voice on the TEDx stage. This fact is why TEDx matters. My students have access to the same stage as everyone else. I want my students to feel like their voice matters and TEDx allows them to share what matters to them. They do not have to feel marginalized because they are teens. 

20 Time is at the heart of this event, but the students that want to speak at TEDx choose to take the extra step and share something that matters to them to everyone. 20 Time did not go exactly as planned and some might think it should be shut down as an ineffective of reaching students. Watching my students prepare for the event as organizers and speakers shows me why 20 Time matters and what TEDx can bring out of students.

I'm so proud of the students who have worked hard this year to speak at TEDxGPSHS. They are one reason why I teach.

If you would like to watch this year's event, check out the livestream at 1PM EST Saturday June 6. 

If you are interested in TED-Ed Club to your school, check out this link.

           TEDxGPSHS 2014

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