Friday, May 15, 2015

Pen, Paper… Robot? Exciting Webinar from Intel

Pen, Paper… Robot? Ask Intel’s Futurist what the classroom of 2025 will look like.

A futurist?

You read that correctly. It’s Brian David Johnson’s job to study and make predictions about the future, for governments, militaries, trade organizations, and corporations. When he’s not researching, his articles appear in Scientific American, Forbes, and Popular Science, and he makes the occasional appearance on PBS and the Discovery Channel.

On May 20, Brian will take on the future of education. Have you wondered how to best prepare yourself for tomorrow’s classroom, or how to prepare your students for their future education? Technology alone, Johnson says, won’t make our kids smarter. So, what force will power education’s future?

Well, sign up for Intel Education’s free webinar, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask a real futurist such questions yourself.

Intel is also giving away a WowWee MiP Robot RC Robot for those that are in attendance. 

I have my question ready: When will Skynet become sentient and what I can do to prepare for this event to happily meet my robotic overlords?

What’s yours? I hope to hear your questions next Wednesday, May 20, 2:00 PM PT. Sign up here. After all, how often do you get the chance to talk ask a professional futurist anything? See you there.

This is a sponsored post from Intel, but talking about the future is still really cool.

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