Monday, April 13, 2015

Post-it® Notes in the Maker's Lounge #MakerEd

The Maker's Lounge has been my project this year and I'm really excited about the possibilities for our students. While some may see the space as an exclusive spot for STEM and STEAM projects, that is not the case. We really want students to claim the space and tell us what they want to use it for. I thought a simple way to do that would be to ask them.

Post-it® Notes are synonymous with ideas. I've used them for as long as I can remember as a student and they fill my desk with reminders and random lesson thoughts. Students still use Post-it® Notes to aid in studying. Placing them out for students to use was a simple step in getting students to share their ideas. 

I used our MarkItUp Table (It converts from a table to a standing board) to leave students a note. I simply asked them to use the Post-it® Notes provided to leave their ideas on how they might use the space. 

I was not remotely surprised to check back the next day to see the space on the board start to fill up with great ideas. Students want to try their hand at 3D Printing and so many other ideas. One student wants to create a program that can simulate rowing to help the Crew team at our school. He wants to look at coding and see what is possible. I have other students that want to explore robotics and how coding fits in that area of science. There are so many more ideas and it was nice to see students use the Post-it® Notes and place them around the board to match other ideas. 

Not everything has to be a high tech gadget to solve everyday problems. Post-it® Notes will continue to be a vital part of my planning and idea process as a teacher and it is nice to see that it is an active part of the student's process as well. We want to give students as many opportunities as possible to create/make. That is what this space is all about. Post-it® Notes are perfect for letting anyone get the ideas out of their head and on paper. The Post-it® Super Sticky Notes  are awesome because they will allow students to move their ideas around on this board and another board we are working on in the space. 

In a couple of weeks, I will share another way that we are using Post-it® Notes in our Maker's Lounge that allow students to connect, collaborate, and create. 

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