Monday, October 27, 2014

Yes! @GoSwivl is out of Beta with new features. #edchat

I've been a fan of Swivl since I was able to try one out last school year. A social studies teacher really wanted to try it out and is now using it to record lectures and share with students. This year, we have ordered more Swivls because we have a student who is out due to medical issues and teachers want to make lessons available why they are gone. Swivl has been the perfect solution to this issue. I will have a guest post later in November from a teacher using Swivl to support this student. 

Now, let me share with you all of the cool things that Swivl has announced now they are out of Beta. 

  • Unlimited uploading with content staging
  • 2x faster uploading speeds
  • Cloud exporting of produced slide+video files to your computer or YouTube.

  • This is an awesome bonus for those teachers using Swivl in their classroom. Swivl reports that 10,000 teachers are using Swivl. Hours upon hours of video are being saved and uploaded to support students. The other nice aspect of Swivl is that it is not available for Android users as well. 

    Swivl is an easy way for teachers to record their lessons and share them with their students. This could be done in class with the students or done at a different time to support the flipped classroom model of learning. Whichever one the teacher uses, students benefit from having lessons they can watch as many times as they need to understand the material. No tool is going to be the silver bullet that saves education, but Swivl is another options for teachers looking for another way to help students. 

    Take a moment and check out Swivl and get one for your school. You will see how awesome it is on your own. 


    1. my biggest issue with this device is the potential for reinforcing teacher-centered learning via lectures. This transmission model is still too alive in schools

    2. Kindly, I ask, Is it "not" or is it "now" available for Android? (paragraph 3)

    3. It's important for Mentor/Master Teachers and Coaches to use this to record lessons and then review with the teacher.


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