Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Corning Gorilla Glass Markerboards

Corning sent me a small review copy of their Markerboard for the purpose of this review.

Dry erase boards have always been a part of my education. They were always big in my Science and Math classes. The one thing that I always noticed about the boards my teacher used and the boards in my building now is that they stain. I can see problems and formulas from many years ago staring at me each time I walk into a room. No matter how many times they have been cleaned, the ghosts still hang out. I really wanted to see if Gorilla Glass would be able to make those ghosts vanish. I wrote on the piece of class they sent me with the Bic dry erase marker provided and let it sit in my room for 2 weeks. It was subjected to the same lights and conditions as the rest of the room. I figured I would really have to give it a good washing to clear it up. I was wrong. The board wiped clean as if I had just written on the board the second before.

Here is a good video showing Gorilla Glass in more detail:

There is so much power in creating a collaborative space for students to work and share ideas. A piece of Gorilla Glass in your room could be a perfect way to help create this environment for students and for staff. If you are looking to change the way your classroom looks and Markerboards are part of that process, take a look at Corning Gorilla Class for Markerboards

Here are some key features of the Gorilla Glass that are worth considering:

Damage Resistant: Thin Gorilla Glass has the damage resistance of soda lime glass that is 2-3 times thicker.

Stain Resistant: Gorilla Glass is non-absorptive - making it stain resistant, allowing writers to use vibrant markers, which are off limits with porcelain and melamine.

Weight Reduction: Thin Gorilla Glass is lighter weight which results in mounting and installation cost savings compared to heavier materials such as soda-lime glass.

Magnet Efficiency:  The thinness of Gorilla Glass supports greater magnetic pull for markerboard accessories like magnets compared to thicker piece soda-lime glass that requires rare Earth magnets to yield magnetism.

If you have more questions, check out their website

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